The Lottery Syndicate Club
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Regular Holidays

Winning a substantial amount allows you to go on those all important holidays, without the worry of having to save up.

Luxury Cars

Be able to afford your own property and luxury cars

Luxury Cruises and Faraway Holiday Destinations

Travel in style and on board luxury cruise ships, to faraway destinations

1 in 3 Lotto Jackpots are won by a syndicate

How your club will benefit

The Lottery Syndicate Club is now designed to suit clubs, of any nature. It is primarily suitable for sporting clubs…Soccer, Rugby, Tennis, Golf, Hockey, Squash, Badminton, Athletics, Cricket, Bowls, Snooker, Darts etc…. You name it, it’s for sure they all need money! In today’s uncertain future, they are all desperately searching for funds to keep themselves active and financially sound.

There are of course a multitude of other clubs and meeting groups that are also interested in fund raising…Card schools, Parent school goups, Womens institutes, Old forces institutions, Charity organisations such as Rotary, Round Table, Lions et al. They could all do with some extra cash!

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Invest in Property

Winning a sizeable amount of money within a syndicate can help you to invest in property or buy your own dream home.

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Celebrate with family and friends, where money is no object!  Take them on holiday, on a cruise, or throw an all expense paid party!

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Luxury Holidays

Travel the world and visit faraway places, stay in the best hotels and the most luxurious of destinations.

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